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We are in business to meet your needs and will continue to provide your company or organization with outstanding printer products. It is our mission to provide you with premium quality products designed to give you maximum value and performance. All of our products have been vetted to give you maximum value and are identified to help you in selecting the products that best suite your needs.

Products offered generally are divided between OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer (brand offered by of your original printer equipment manufacturer) and BrightStar Replacement Cartridges if available.

Of the BrightStar Replacement Cartridges, all are sourced from counties that are vetted as being free from forced labor or other human atrocities (sorry, no Chinese sourced compatibles offered). You will also notice that some are offered as being "USA Sourced", indicating that the cartridges are sourced in the USA, and some cartridges showing no particular sourcing, which indicates that they are sourced from approved vetted sources outside the USA. All BrightStar products come at a substantial savings and are designed to offer the same performance or better than their OEM competitor cartridge.

OEM products are also offered at a savings over what you can expect from a "big box" retailer, but you will see that BrightStar products are sustantially less than their equivalent OEM cartridge.

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